Tips to help you stay sober for October

A high percentage of adults check into a pub after work. This is a normal way for them to unwind after a hard day at work. Trying to break this cycle is not easy. It requires time for you to adjust to another routine. This is a major reason why you should stop drinking October. Look at the bigger picture and envision yourself in years to come. This simple daily routine could spell doom for your very promising future. It is wise that you take the sober for October path. Tips that you can use to guide you include,

• consider getting a savings jar
• reward yourself
• come up with a to-do list
• get inspirational quotes
• learn how to meditate

Taking alcohol is an expensive habit to maintain. You only come to this realization once you quit. In order to prove this, buy a jar. Use it to store cash you would otherwise use to buy alcohol. Every time you think about buying alcohol put the money in the jar. It may surprise you at how much money you collect at the end of the week or month. You can use the money to reward yourself for taking up a stay sober for october attitude. You can go for a spa treatment or buy something new for our house.

Embrace positive energy to get you through the day

Come up with a to-do list and aim to accomplish it on a daily basis. This helps in keeping your mind focused. Learn how to meditate. It acts as music to the soul. You can do this every morning to start your day on a positive note. Look for inspirational messages to calm you down. The more you embrace the new routine, the better you become. This makes the go sober for October campaign worth your while.