The Value Of A Personal Diary and Journal

Hello everybody,
I was fortunate enough, this past year, to stumble across an identical article to how this one will probably be, on personal journals. But before you think they are dumb and obviously correlate personal journals as something just “arty” people do, or something Little Suzie from Year 2 will about the boys she likes in her course, Allow Me to dispel this myth right now using a quote that stuck with me personally, in the point where I was thinking exactly the same (paraphrasing):
Composing your own personal journal is most likely among the greatest things you’ll ever do for yourself… ever.

At this time, you might have missed the vital part of the quotation: YOU can do FOR YOURSELF. This is the situation due to something which journals automatically do and rely greatly upon: It’s all about you and for you personally. Your journal is something which you don’t talk about, or, even more to the point, don’t compose for the purpose of sharing, which lets you be entirely honest and bare yourself to it. There are not any rules and regulations- you can write as much or as really small as you need, as often as you want, in whatever fashion you desire.

In dispelling the personal bullet journal fantasy, this also means that I need to clarify that maintaining a personal journal may benefit absolutely anybody- you don’t have to be mentally ill, or even clinically depressed, or even a genius script author. Actually you do not need to worry anything in particular at all. You may be neighborhood marketing executive, a store attendant, a research analyzing economics, a plumber, etc.. The purpose is, you don’t need to start a journal for any particular reason, and it’ll benefit anybody, in the event that you really take it seriously and choose to give it a really good go.

I’ve been keeping a bullet journal for more than a year now and I was convinced that once per week I’d have ceased or grown tired. However I still write a little entrance every couple of days about what I’ve been around, my personal achievements, people I’d met, interesting circumstances, feelings I felt- whatever actually (again, no principles). There’s nothing quite like watching your ideas on a webpage to assist yourself port and express your own views as you are feeling them in the moment. But, there’s an additional bonus for this: everybody knows that every passing year goes by faster and faster, to the point at which everything becomes a mad blur. I’ve found it incredibly helpful turning back in my entries months ago and getting so much perceptive on not just myself, but watching the larger picture and realising just how much I’d really attained between then and today.