Motorsports Clutch Versus Standard Clutch. The Difference?

Simply speaking, the fundamental of a car clutch system is to engage and disengage engine to the wheels to run and to stop a car. It basically performs three different functions.
 Conveying the rotation or torque from engine to drivetrain;
 To ensure streamlined car movement by distributing engine’s power; and
 To lessen quivering in the driving mode.
In manual transmission cars, the clutch is used to shift gear and to apply brake, and a foot pedal is provided for this purpose, but this is not needed in automatic transmission cars. This is basic mechanism of clutch system in all vehicles but standard clutch systems have restricted functionality and they are not designed to work efficiently on pretty high speed.

Clutch system for racing
Standard clutch systems are designed for the purpose of driver’s comfort and convenience to operate, and these clutch kits are usually bulky and big in size. competition clutch is an Americanmanufacturer of clutches mainly for the purpose of racing and its objective is to let motorsports competitors achieve performance at extremely high speed. This can be attained by reducing the moment of inertia and the clutch plate’s weight. That’s why racing clutch disc is reduced in diameter compared to standard clutch disc. The working of clutch system is dependent on friction which is main cause of heat generation. When disc surface is larger, the heat absorption is more and reducing the disc diameter creates this drawback in clutch system. Since excess heat generation can’t be avoided in motorsports due to speed and resultant high friction, motorsports clutch is manufacture using special high thermal resistant materials to overcome this drawback. Clutch friction surfaces are lined with temperature resistant carbon or sintered material which is not provided in standard clutch system for passenger cars.
Clutch equipped in motorsports cars is entirely different and superior compared to the kit installed in standard cars to achieve maximum performance with the speed.