Meridian Health Protocol – Ideas, the Foundation for all Health and Fitness Achievement

Like any learned ability, there are particular basics that have to be mastered first. The most bedrock upon which all of health and physical fitness achievement rests is ideas. Everything man-made on earth or some other action you have taken in the last all started with an idea. There isn’t a single manmade object or goal which didn’t start as an idea in someone’s head that was subsequently made in reality. Your toaster, your TV, your automobile, your desire for greater health.

One idea finally transformed into physical reality.
In order to attain any health or fitness goal you need to start with this simple meridian health protocol; ideas are things. Ideas are the basis upon which you build the frame for attainment of your goal. Every idea has a physical manifestation in our own bodies; each thought produces physical compounds called neuro-transmitting enzymes which have immediate results on the way we feel and that we are in the cellular level.
Do not believe me? Think of biting into a large, juicy lemon or consider fingernails gradually running down a chalk board and tell me you did not have an immediate, physical reaction.
Or how about a thought that changed the world?
Each and every single day, thousands of times daily, throughout the world people fly from destination to destination. It is amazing that an individual could step into a system that lifts them off the floor and flies through the air at great speed sometimes over great distances safely carrying them to their destination in a matter of minutes or even hours! Just a little more than a hundred years ago that could have been considered hopeless or a wonder. Nevertheless it happens every day now and it started with an idea in someone’s head that guy could fly. On December 17th, 1903 the notion that guy had needed for generations to fly, became fact.