Keto OS – An Real Answer to Permanent Weight Loss

In America obesity epidemic continues to grow. We’ve 38 percent of our adult people are believed to be obese. Another 33 percent of men are considered obese. This is based on The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The numbers are even higher for women. Women, due to our child-bearing bodies, possess other feminine associated factors we have to contend with. Increased estrogen levels and various female hormones possess our own bodies already at a higher fat percent. Obesity is medically defined as having a body index (BMI) of more than 30%. Personally, I have dieted nearly my whole adult life. I am currently over age 50. I started to search for a better way to approach food.

A Keto OS is a diet called a very low carb diet plan. It’s a high fat, moderate protein and low carb intake diet plan. It transforms your body into a fat burning machine. There’s a much more scientific explanation but basically you force your body to make ketones from the liver to be utilized for energy. On the opposite conclusion, eating foods high in carbs and sugars your body will create glucose and increase glucose levels.
Though Ketogenics is new to most, it’s been around as early as 1920’s. Many studies have been printed in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Studies reasoned documented weight loss and participants were able to eat less food. The Mayo Clinic has shown that the Keto OS lifestyle may have a healthful influence on serious health ailments, like cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. It improves amounts of HDL cholesterol.
To enter into ketosis, you have to decrease your carbs to below 50 grams each day. Ideally 25-30 carbs maximum. Your fat intake should be approximately 75 percent of your foods and approximately 15 percent protein. It changes by person to person, but with balancing you need to be able to get into ketosis within 3-14 days.