How to sell Facebook page legally? Let’s find out

Why would someone want to sell Facebook page they own? While some looks for making money from it, some are just plain bored of their usual boring site. But there are buys that are willing to buy those pages, transform them into an attractive page and maintain it regularly. They mainly look for popular pages capable of generating traffic. So if you are an owner of such pages and you no longer wish to maintain it, you can sell it. And selling the page would earn you a lot of money from the buyer.

How to sell your Facebook page?
Selling a Facebook page isn’t an easy task. Selling a page would mean violating the rules set by Facebook. Now, still, there’s a way to sell your page and earn money from it. If you are willing to do so, you need to use third party help. There are a few agencies those offer the service to help you sell your Facebook page to potential buyers. You need to choose the right agency and start the process of handing over your Facebook assets to a new buyer.
The whole process of selling and buying a Facebook page is very simple, only when you use a third party. This third party act as an agent of both the buyer and seller and offers quality services to both the parties.

At first, they take the money from the buyer and keep it to themselves while assuring you about the fact that money has been received. Then you can start the process of handing over your page. The intermediate party will then give you the money from the buyer, and hand him the page you just sold.
selling a facebook page also involves security protection. So choose the best third party agency which is known for protecting both the seller’s and buyer’s interest.