Give Man’s Best Friend a Fighting Chance with Ketogenic Diet

There is a general misconception among the pet owners that pet nutrition manufactured by the top companies can be the best nutrition for their canine members. However this is not always true because many of the pet nutrition comprises of multi grains based food which are rich in carbohydrates, that seriously affects the kidney of the dogs. When these nutrition is administrated to your loved ones on a long run, it certainly causes kidney related problem, majorly resulting in diabetes.

Ketogenic diet for your diabetic Canine Member

Identifying the best nutrition for dogs is quite intimidating especially when your best companions is diagnosed with life threating illness like diabetes. Hence serious attention is required when planning the diet for pets to combat the disease and maintain the glucose level. A recent survey reveals 90% of pet nutrition consists of inappropriate ingredients therefore it is similar to giving junk food on every day basis. These are not actually nourished rather leads to diseases like diabetics, obesity and high blood pressure for the dogs. Therefore it is an imperative responsibility of the dog owners to provide a fresh and healthy food that are rich in fats containing high quality proteins with reduced level of carbohydrates. This is nothing but a ketogenic diet for dogs.

Controlling the Diabetes of your Beloved Companion

Keto diet for dogs are generally fresh and healthy foods which helps the body in burning the ketones for energy and not glucose (a stored form of sugar). It acts as an agent to heal the cells by maintaining the blood sugar level thereby reducing further damage to the dog cells.

Final Thoughts

Although your canine member is a carnivorous animal which relies on meat and bones yet there is nothing wrong to provide keto diet when it has amazing benefits treating the illness and boost the immune system.