Do you need a fan for your paintball mask?

If you looked at the paintball mask accessories out there, you will notice that many products are being sold as accessories. You will see accessories like a skirt. A skirt is something that you attach to the bottom of your mask, so it provides extra protection to your jaw line. If you are buying a skirt, make sure that you buy a skirt that is made out of a collapsible material. A collapsible material will allow paintballs to bounce off the material, instead of splattering and putting you out of the game.

A second very common accessory that paintball mask users look for is a fan to prevent fogging in their masks. First of all, most of the best paintball mask models out there now come with double pane lenses. These double pane lenses are basically two pieces of glass stuck together, with the vacuum created inside of them. This vacuum is what prevents the fog from condensing on your mask. However, despite this feature to prevent fog, even the best paintball mask can fog a little if you are a heavy breather or if you play in very hot and humid climate that results in a lot of perspiration.
In such cases, you can install a fan. When installing a fan, remember that it will create noise. If you are the type of paintball player that stealthily waits for an opponent to expose himself with his footsteps, you really should doubly think if a fan is what you want. The noise of the fan will prevent some hearing that you can use as intelligence. But, if the noise is something you don’t mind, you can certainly install a fan. Just install one that you can turn off with an easy access button as just a few seconds of running will clear up the fog in an instant. The last thing you want is a fan that you have to remove your helmet to just turn it off!