Cannabis Business in Canada Has High Potential

Canada presents an amazing opportunity for the medical marijuana business because the sector has shown sufficient promise in the trade. Marijuana business is not legal at present but people associated with the trade firmly hold the belief that it will be legalized soon for recreational purposes. At present marijuana consumption is only permitted to patients and that too after getting signed medical papers from a certified health practitioner. It is not at all easy to procure marijuana for enjoyment in Canada and hence bootlegging in the item is quite rampant. Since there is a demand for the product and due to the following research having been undertaken, the government of the day is looking seriously at making the item legal for enjoyment purpose.

• The market shows much promise – Medical Cannabis is used for therapeutic purposes in Canada and the market is growing by leaps and bounds. As soon as 2020, the market is expected to be worth 2.5 billion dollars whereas after legalization the business is expected to scale beyond a whopping 22 billion dollars. And if experts are to be believed, that’s not all. There is still further scope beyond that even! Therefore, one can easily understand the kind of promise that the product holds for the Canadian market.
• There is much scope for the business – By just permitting medicinal cannabis, the Canadian industry has gained so much that now potential investors are looking at the industry quite seriously because there are a number of avenues for investment. Anyone looking at the market right now can well figure out the scope of growth once legalization of the product takes place because a large number of potential supporting markets will further open up and that can be a shot in the arm for the business.